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February 27, 2023

How to Protect Your Home When You're Away

No matter if you just recently moved into your dream home or you’ve turned into a property owner for the first time, everyone wants to have their dwelling protected. A protected and secure home is important for your security. Discover the best means to protect your home when you’re away.

Evaluate Your Living Space and Needs

No two dwellings are identical. Your geographic area, environment, neighbors, and floor plan will each create an influence on how to best protect your home. Safety within an urban community will appear differently than protection for a rural home. A house with a fireplace could necessitate added precautions for smoke and fire. If you reside right by a floodplain, you will need to consider that hazard as well.

Your home is unique, so take a moment to analyze your floor plan to best protect it.

Protect Your Home When On Vacation With Essential Safeguards

One of the most effective practices to protect your home when on vacation is to form practice effective security procedures. Criminals pursue the easiest approach. Remembering to secure your windows and doors could help to avert a break-in. Keeping a light on when you’re gone can create the appearance of someone being home, deterring a criminal who might be prowling the neighborhood. Things as simple as turning off the water main and disconnecting the appliances in advance of an extended trip might avert a disaster upon your return.

Additional Steps for Extra Security

An additional key could be a help if you have students returning back home from school who may require getting inside the home each afternoon. Don’t forget to bring in that key before a vacation. A key under the mat could turn out to be a simple encounter for someone wanting to burglarize your home. A better answer is to install smart door locks, so you don’t require a key at all!

Become familiar with your neighbors! If they are accustomed to you and who lives in your house, they could see when strange people begin popping up. If you have an amicable rapport, you could even see if they will be attentive throughout your vacation. They can assist in protecting your home when you’re away.

Always Be Present With A Security System and Residential Automation

If you want to amplify your safety to the next level, a home security system is the perfect product. Though motion-sensing lights and cameras may be great tools, a security system can also utilize glass break detectors, smoke detectors, smart lights and locks, and additionally flood indicators. This complete safety matrix is driven by a main control board in your residence. Security systems can also be monitored through non-stop monitoring by certified professionals equipped to react to any emergency.

To obtain extra availability, connect your residential protection system to your residential automation technology. Arm your locks and examine your camera footage no matter your whereabouts by means of your smartphone. Set your devices on a schedule, so they naturally switch on as you need them. Set smart speakers to turn on the network and lock the doors even if you’ve already climbed into bed. You can now achieve both protection and accessibility in one package!

Protect Your Home When on Vacation With Secure24 Alarm Systems

If you’re ready to experience security while on vacation, pick up the foremost house security system with your neighborhood ADT dealers at Secure24 Alarm Systems. Our qualified experts can assist you to decide exactly what you require to protect your residence from all foreseeable threats. If you want to see everything we can accomplish for you, contact (706) 397-7344 or submit the convenient form included below.